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*** Life is to 'LIVE' every moment, not to 'tolerate'.

*** Every individual is so perfectly imperfect. It is the core resource to make life living together perfect.  

*** At the moment saying "Hello, nice to meet you!" to whoever we meet for the first time, we all smile. But at the moment saying "Bye bye", do we all smile? The moment of "bye-bye" is much important than the moment of "Nice to meet you."

*** Most of people tend to ask "why? why? why?" about their painful life experiences but seldom analyze their happy moments/event. If people focus on analysis why they have happy moments/event rather than questioning "why?" with frustration toward painful experiences, we will all get much happier.

*** Whatsoever work can’t be completed 100% without clients’ feedback.  Even if someone writes the best ever article/book, who does a final touch to complete 100% of the work is not author but readers’ opinions – doesn’t matter positive or negative.   

*** If we wish to build up muscle and strong core for physical health, we need to do regular exercise. Likewise, for mental health, we need to do regular mental exercise in order to build up “mental muscle & core”

*** When you are calm, feel and detect your breathing rhythm and texture. If you constantly try to retain and extend it to your daily life, someday, peaceful life will naturally come and stay with you.

*** Have you ever encountered situation that you are the worst performer but the happiest person? 

*** As silence is one of key elements to shine music, silence is a vital component of the metrics for good relationship. Respecting one's silence shapes up any kind of relationship. 

*** Others' limit discovered by us, in fact it is our own limit.


*** Once mastering big mountain, small mountains are no longer mountains. They turn out to be playground.

*** For whatever relationship, "Trust" and "Respect" are the most important factors. People understand the meaning of  "Trust" and "Respect" and agree to it but fail to keep good relationship. The reason might be that their depths of Trust and Respect are different.

*** For human, lifespan of dayfly is only one day. Does Dayfly know human’s existence? For a certain living being that human doesn’t know, entire lifespan of human might be only one day of its life too. 


*** Today is the youngest day of life for whoever. (thoughts after elderly music therapy sessions)

*** Yoga is not to conquer the limit but to go for details and so are our lives. (reflection after yoga teaching sessions)

*** There are so many hidden layers in happiness which children need time to gradually discover by their own. But due to  overprotective and snowplow parents, sadly children lose their palate for genuine happiness.

*** Susan (not real name) was 50’s and severely suffered from schizophrenia. She had regularly attended music therapy session as music therapy was very beneficial to her. She responded to music very well, however her engagement time was repeatedly on and off due to her frail physical and fluctuating emotional condition. When she actively engaged with music, she became a pleasant and adorable lady, but when she shut down herself, it was painful to watch her because she looked as if her whole-selves were transformed to a huge pain. One day, when she was singing her favorite song beautifully with her shining eyes, all of sudden I imaged her wearing nice jacket, colorful scarf with nicely slicked short hairstyle and I thought if she were able to work, she could be a nice charismatic leader in her working place. Later, when checking her background, I was surprised by that she had a long time ordinary life with her family before she had been sent to hospital. My imagination was not imagination but her real life in her past days indeed.  Why did such an adorable lady who had a normal life become severely ill and live apart from her beloved family? Why? …. I kept questioning and searching for the answer….  

Pain on our outer body (Somatic pain) such as skin, muscle, tissue is sensed and localized so it doesn't take much time to proper treatment. But the pain on internal organs (visceral pain) is vague and not localized. That’s why some people discover the physical health problem in their terminal stage which is too late to be cured. Then, what about emotional, mental, psychological pain? It’s invisible, even deeper, vaguer and more complicated than visceral pain. People seem to neglect or unable to aware of the emotional, mental and psychological pain until they completely succumb to it. The deeper in us, the more we need constant mindful caring by both of regular body exercise and mind exercise such as meditation or therapy. Otherwise, non-physical pains are highly associated with cause of incurable illness and its impact incurs unbearable negative spillover effects on oneself, family and people in social proximity. If we pursue quality of life (yes, we all do, don't we?) then we need to actively and regularly find quality time not only for our body but also for our mind and soul.

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