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Music Therapy 

Music therapy is a clinical and evidence-based health and wellness profession. It seeks to support and improve an individuals’ diverse needs with regard to a healthy lifestyle – physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, All of musical and various techniques with/without art works are used by trained professional music therapist to seek to ensure a therapeutic relationship with individual. Music intervention based on a therapeutic relationship motivates clients to improve their physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. Numerous studies demonstrated the benefits of music therapy. These include facilitating movement to improve motor function, effective pain management, motivating to cope with disabilities and improving healing, self-expression, communication skills and social relationship. Other benefits include stimulating brain function, increasing memory, lessening the effects of dementia, promoting relaxtation, reducing anxiety and depression,   
Music therapists are trained and qualified to work with all diverse groups regardless of musical skills, age, physical condition or any other special needs. 



Yoga originated in ancient India and has become a global phenomenon helping people with their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Breathing techniques, physical exercise and meditation are the main practices within yoga and its ultimate goal is to assist people to attain peace of mind and higher level of consciousness through meditation. Research shows that the physical benefits of yoga are to improve physical fitness, strength, flexibility, lung capacity, heart rate blood pressure and reduce back pain. Studies have shown that the psychological benefits of yoga are strengthening of social relationships, to reduce stress and insomnia. Many different types of yoga in terms of postures and movement flow have been continuously developed over time and become an integral part of yoga. However, yoga is not simply a physical practice because originally all of yoga postures were created for the purpose of a spiritual journey. The original and genuine value of yoga should be maintained in all forms of yoga practice and the wisdom gained from yoga practice should be extended to daily life

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