Denwa, Cheng Tan Wah / Co-Facilitator

Professional Florist & Workshop Facilitator

* Dutch Flower Arrangements Certified Florist

* Member of the Hong Kong Flower Club

Denwa received a master degree of Arts in Chinese, Language & Culture and certificates in professional Florist. She had worked as an editor and copywriter with comprehensive experiences, researching, writing, editing, marketing communication in lifestyle magazine and broadcast industry over 10 years. Her constant passion for floral art brought her to flower schools in Hong Kong, Europe and Japan and became a professional florist. 

She has organized creative workshops integrating floral art and the importance of life balance, culture, teamwork in institution, university, public corporation and community foundation. She was invited to a live radio and had floral culture talks. Pursuing to gain therapeutic insight, she worked as an interpreter assisting music therapy sessions for the elderly groups and adults groups. Recently, she organized Floral Healing workshop for the group who lost their family member in public foundation. She joined government staffs' training course - "Emotional wellness, EQ and Stress Management" as a facilitator and ran her creative floral art workshop. She is a co-facilitator in tailored In-U wellbeing session combining music therapy and floral art. She speaks Cantonese (Native), fluent Mandarin and English.

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Tomomi Hashimoto / Co-Facilitator

Certified Yoga Instructor

Tomomi studied accounting and financial management in Canada. Since she moved to Hong Kong in 2000, she has explored and accumulated various working experiences. Major industries she worked for include the financial industry (security, insurance, investment firms) and the airline industry. She also worked for the Japanese chamber of commerce in Hong Kong arranging major Japanese business events. 

As a certified yoga instructor, Tomomi is passionate and committed to delivering therapeutic benefits of yoga in order to help people balance physical and mental health. She is a co-facilitator in yoga and music therapy session with the music therapist. She speaks Japanese(Native), English and conversational Cantonese.

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